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Jackie LeFevre - Bio

About Jackie:

I earned my Juris Doctor from Northern Illinois University College of Law and established my law practice in 1997.  I have provided outstanding service to clients ever since. I focus on estate planning and administration, residential real estate, and small business formation.

I earned my Master of Laws in Taxation (LLM) from John Marshall Law School in 2002.  This qualifies me to plan for estates of any size - from $100,000 to $10M and larger.  My knowledge of taxation also allows me an enhanced perspective on family business planning, and the impact of a small business on a client's plan.

My clients particularly value my friendly and empathetic demeanor, methodical approach, and personal attention to representation.  My practice is located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  I am able to meet with clients at offices in Arlington Heights, Glenview, Palatine, or any location convenient for them.

Overwhelmed?  Don't be!

I strive to simplify the details of representation for my clients.  I encourage clients to participate at whatever level they are comfortable.  I am more than willing to sit and discuss the legal principles behind each aspect of a transaction - including every sentence of a document - if a client is interested in the details.  I am also willing to summarize in plain English the legal jargon that seems ten times longer than it needs to be.

No matter what the issue, the client is the final decision maker.  My goal is that each client understand his options and have all the information he needs to make the choice that is best for him.


I will meet with you at a time convenient for both of us.  When a client's work prevents scheduling a meeting during the business day, I adjust my schedule to accommodate an after hours appointment.

I will meet with you at a location convenient for both of us.  When a client has children at home or other obligations that make travel to my office difficult, I travel to the client. 

I will do my best to make your representation as hassle free as possible.

Personal Attention to Detail

Many attorneys prepare estate plans.  Not many attorneys take care of all the details that are required for a well functioning plan.  Clients usually know that they need a will, or that they want a trust to avoid probate. 

A complete estate plan should include powers of attorney, and if minor children are involved it should also include guardianship designations.  All of the estate plans I prepare include these documents.

If a trust is created, it must be funded in order to accomplish probate avoidance.  Too often, clients come to my office with trusts that have no assets in them because their prior attorney did not take care of the funding.  I prepare all transfer documents to insure that your trust is funded properly.

Most real estate attorneys have secretaries and paralegals to handle the telephone calls and paperwork of a transaction.  I work directly with my clients and the other parties.

This website does not contain legal advice and I am not your lawyer until you retain me. 

Seems silly that attorneys write that.  Unfortunately, people often think when they ask a general question about their situation and a lawyer responds with some initial thoughts that the answer is specific to them and will solve their problem.  Attorneys are similar to other service providers - not much is free, and a service is usually worth what you pay.

I am glad to meet with a potential client and briefly discuss their matter prior to beginning an official representation.  There is no charge for meeting with me at my office.  If you prefer to meet at another location I will charge a consultation fee.


In accordance with Department of the Treasury Circular 230, please be advised that any statements contained herein (including any attachments hereto) are not intended to be used, and may not be used by you or any other person, for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed under federal tax law.

And this one is here because the IRS tells me it must be.